SGT (Currently not on schedule since Covid 19 closure. Please stay tuned!)

BOOTCAMP (+fee) is what you need to push you off your fitness plateau! It blends traditional body weight and calisthenic exercises with high intensity interval and strength training.  This workout will define your body from head to toe, build power and punish calories.

TRX is bodyweight training with the challenge of using suspended straps. This is functional training at its best building strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all at once! Try our TRX RIP Core classes which works rotational force with the use of an anchored resistance cord and weighted bar to create an asymmetric load for explosive core and cardio training.

TRX CIRCUIT TRX Circuit is a super-charged workout that will take you beyond our traditional TRX Functional Fitness Training classes. Circuit will also combine other modalities which may include Kettle bells, Medicine Balls, Battling Ropes, Weights, Bands, Rip Trainers, Jump Ropes and more! Improve your mobility, strength, endurance, balance, power & core control while sculpting muscles and blasting fat!

Youth Athlete Training

(Currently not on schedule since Covid 19 closure. Please stay tuned!)

YOUTH XTRAINING is for youth athletes (ages 13-18) who compete in competitive sport programs. If you want to up your game, this class is for you! Coaches will focus on strength, power, core control and injury prevention.